Next week, on Wednesday, May 23rd 2012, I will be walking the runway in a fashion show for the very first time.  I’m super excited!  The show is called Behind The Seams.  It’s for the textiles graduates from College Of The North Atlantic.  I will be modelling 3 pieces – all dresses.  I’ve modelled for photos before and I know from entering pageants that modelling on a runway will be much different, but it’s still very exciting!

Also, next month I’ve been asked to model in another fashion show – the Ghiaccio Fashion Show.  This will be a charity event featuring the designer Ashley McGrath.  This is all so exciting!  I sound like a broken record saying that over and over again, but the experience will be so fun.  What makes it even better is that one of my very good friends will be modelling in both of these shows with me, also her first fashion shows, which definitely relieves some of the pressure.

Tomorrow is the final fitting for Behind The Seams.  I’ll definitely keep you posted, so keep following!  -Courtney

Photo credit: Ray of Light Photography

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