If I were to have my own TV show, I would travel to big cities all across North America interviewing homeless people.  The name of the show would be “Homeless, Not Hopeless”.  I would ask them to tell me about their lives and what brought them to where they are today, and each person I interviewed would be given the chance to start over.  They would be brought somewhere to get a small makeover and a new professional wardrobe, and then would be given the opportunity to have an interview to obtain their dream job.

Of course, this would not be possible without help from sponsors.  MAC Cosmetics would sponsor this show for the makeover segment, to ensure that all of our career delegates look as fresh and professional as possible, and the Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television would also be a sponsor.  The filmmakers from the academy could do the filming of the show, and also give the interview delegates opportunity to learn some very valuable interview skills to make sure they are as prepared as they could possibly be, and to ensure they get the job of their dreams.

Six months after the interview, the same people will again be interviewed to talk about how this changed their lives and how being given that second chance in life is so important.  It would show the world that sometimes people just have bad luck, and they need a hand getting back on their feet again.  This television show would give them that, and their voices would have a chance to be heard nationally, and maybe even internationally.


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  1. Gina Omilon says:

    Not only do I love the idea, but I really love the title!! Very catchy!! 🙂

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