I thought this might be interesting for everyone to know.  My grandmother lives in the town of Conception Bay South with her sister, my Dad, my uncle and his wife.  Up until a few months ago, they all lived in a heritage home in the community of Seal Cove, which is part of Conception Bay South in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  The house was absolutely beautiful!  According the the Newfoundland Heritage website, the house was built in approximately 1932.  It was a two storey biscuit box style house with linhay and wooden structure.  This house was the Chief Operator’s House which was part of an electrical development project which was undertaken by the United Towns Electric Company in 1923.  It was built for the Chief Operator, a position my grandfather held for 36 years.

Unfortunately, due to the construction of a new highway, the house had to be demolished.  I did manage to take my camera there before it was gone and take some shots of it during the sunset in winter.

I loved visiting this house ever since I was a child.  It’s no longer there, but you can read more about the historical significance of this house on the Newfoundland Heritage Foundation website.  I’ve linked the photo to the website if you want to take a look!   -Courtney

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    its tragic the home was demolished; a little piece of history lost. Courtney, please don’t forget to add keyword tags to this piece. Like ‘historic home’ and ‘demolition’ plus you never actually say what province the town / house is in? And you should say Newfoundland in there somewhere to put all doubts to rest. Your intro would be stronger without the ‘Hi everyone’ , but you can leave the signature at the end. A lot of bloggers do that. Finally good work on embedding the picture from URL – nice touch.

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