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I made my first appearance today at the forest fair.  This took place at the Jack Byrne Arena in my home town of Torbay.  There were many booths set up about all the different aspects and career opportunities in forestry, and many booths and demonstrations.  These included equipment and animal displays, food and science demonstrations, as well as educational opportunities for adults and children.  I also got to meet some really nice and interesting people.  I spoke to a man that knew all about cloning trees.  He was telling me how genes can be taken from one tree and basically injected into the roots of another to make the tree taller or immune to some tree diseases, which was really amazing.  Another person I was fortunate to meet was a man competing in the Newfoundland Special Olympics this summer, and last but not least was the honourable Jerome Kennedy, the minister of natural resources.  I also had the opportunity to get my photo taken with him, which was really cool.  Attached to the photo is a link to the Newfoundland Forest Fair advertising page.  Check it out!

I also got to see some family there that I haven’t seen in a while because they live across the island and it’s such a long drive.  That was really great.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet with a potential sponsor, and then I’m going to volunteer at a senior’s residence again.  I’ve been volunteering at this same place since 2010, and I love it there.  I’ve made friends with a few of the residents and now I look forward to visiting them on Saturdays.  They’re just so kind and sweet, and they have so many funny stories to tell!  There’s one man there that treats me like I’m his own granddaughter.  I sometimes spend over an hour visiting just him.  He’s really just the sweetest.  The first time I went to this senior’s residence, he was sat in the lobby on the couch.  My mom came in with me because I was applying for a volunteer position, and when the man seen us, he asked us to the dance!  He wanted us to go so he could have a dance with each of us.  Truly adorable.

Can’t wait to see them all again tomorrow!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Good work Courtney. You could have detailed the event a little better – and maybe included a wide shot of the trade show floor? and this post needs a text link to the Forest Fair website for I am quite curious about it… However you did include a picture of yourself at the show and that’s great, and you used categories and tags so people can and will find this post in search engines. Great stuff.

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