Hi everyone!

First of all, welcome to my blog.  I’m sure there will be many interesting, maybe even funny stories to read, as well as some photos, and maybe even videos to go along with them.  But first of all, before I get to that, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Courtney Jones, and I’m from Torbay, Newfoundland.  I like my town because, as I wrote in my description, it’s located right next to the Atlantic ocean.  It’s pretty cool that every day when you drive to school, you get to pass by the ocean.  A lot of people take it for granted, but if you get the chance, you should really take the opportunity to appreciate the beauty.

I have many hobbies.  The first one I’ll tell you about is music.  Since I was approximately 6 years old, I’ve been playing the piano.  I’ve studied classical music more than anything, but I truly enjoy it.  If I were to pick a favourite composer, I think I may have to say Chopin, or maybe Beethoven.  What I like about Chopin is how relaxed his music is, and how freely it can be played.  His music sounds almost bitter sweet, and it’s truly beautiful.

Another hobby of mine is fashion.  Not just modelling, but photography as well.  I love capturing emotions inside of a photo, and I enjoy taking pictures of everything from people to animals to landscapes.  I enjoy modelling as well.  It’s funny, I like creating the image, but I also like being the image created.  Fashion shows are fun as well, especially when you get to do the charity shows.  You get to model amazing clothes and help out a good cause.

Something else I enjoy doing is volunteering.  Every weekend, I volunteer at a senior’s residence in the city of St. John’s.  The people there are all so friendly, and elderly people have been around longer, so I find it’s always good to listen to their advice, because chances are, whatever we’re going through now, they’ve already gone through and know the best choice to make in almost every situation.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend sitting down and having a long conversation with an elderly person.  Not only do they love visitors and having someone to talk to, but you can learn so much from them!

Something else you might like to know about me are my accomplishments.  With so many hobbies, people are bound to get some award or another.  Almost every year I’ve been in piano, I have participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival.  I’ve received many third place awards, and I’ve also gotten first place in some years.  I’ve also been on the honour roll in school every year, and still am.  I’ve gotten academic excellence for having an overall average above 90 as well.  I forgot to mention in my hobbies above that I also figure skate, and have gotten third place in a few skating competitions.

Finally, I will tell you my goal in life.  I want what everyone wants in life – to be happy.  My career goal is to be a trauma surgeon.  The reason for this is that people who require surgery for trauma are the people that need help the most.  They are in life-or-death situations, and some day, I hope to be the person that saves their life.  I would be happy to wake up in the morning and know that because of me and the rest of the surgeons that performed surgery, someone else got to wake up and spend another day, month, year, or decade with their family.

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I hope everyone has enjoyed my first blog post!  -Courtney


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